low cost performance

my idea is simple.  make the new mustang  available with bare bones options like no back seat. no carpet. just like in my ford f 150.  no spare tire or jack. and have all performance options open to buy. like performance brakes upgraded suspension and performance exhaust from factory. and make it both for stick and automatic.  guys like me will not mind paying a littlie extra for less stuff. its a win!  ford saves some money on back seats and no carpet. and then makes a little more as they sell it as a option
Nick G 06/04/2014
They made that in 1995; it was called the Mustang GT-S - we almost bought one and YES IT IS REAL. Google it. It didn't sell spectacularly well.Why not just order a Mustang "body in white"?
art h 05/18/2014
Check out the Cobra Jet. It has what you need.