Love the 2013 Fusion, BUT...

The AWD model needs a manual transmission option. People want this, Ford. Many of us are enthusiasts who have shared long relationships with Ford, and would prefer to drive a stick. Please, Ford, make a nod to your enthusiast consumers by offering manuals on future AWD models. I drive a 2012 Focus, and I was giving the new Fusion serious thought until I learned I couldn't get an AWD with manual. That's my only reason for not getting the Fusion. And I do mean only's a stunning car and your design team should be beaming.
Brandon Peters 10/12/2012
To be honest I'd love to see a Fusion ST or SVT. I currently have the 2012 Fusion Sport 3.5 V6 and while I LOVE the new styling I refuse to give up the engine I currently have. I really want to see an edition of the Fusion break 300hp. I would trade my car in for it tomorrow.
David G 10/06/2012
It would also kill Subaru
John S 10/04/2012
If Ford sold a 2.0 with a 6 Speed Manual in either FWD or AWD I would buy it tomorrow. Ideally in Titanium Spec. Please consider building this or make it available as a special order. Obviously an ST with a manual would also be greatly appreciated.
Paul M 10/02/2012
A 2.0L SE w/ manual trans in either FWD or AWD would be great.
Jesse F 09/23/2012
What would sweeten the deal even more is if they threw in the Eco-Boost V-6 from the SHO.