Locking Rear Axles

Locking rear axles, which were available on most Ford SUV's until recently, should again be made available, as on the Ford trucks. A locking rear axle is much more reliable and effective to make both rear wheels turn together whenever one looses traction, rather than with a computer and traction control activating the brake on the spinning wheel - which is not the same as when a locking axle engages.

I have had both types of systems, and with much professional experience driving in adverse and winter conditions, the locking rear axle system is by far much more superior while operating in snow, mud, sand, gravel, ice, etc...

Ford should also allow the driver of an AWD SUV to select an option to lock the center differential so that the front and rear differential do not need to "search" while the computer determines which axle is slipping, causing the vehicle to become stuck or slide to one side.

If the Locking Rear Axle and Locking Center Differential need to be done electronically on the SUV's instead of mechanically, that would be acceptable, though not as desirable as mechanically.
james m 01/08/2013
sorry i was just looking for the new rangers ty