Locking "Diffs"

Other than a grassy field or some light mud, I don't drive off road like I used to. But it does & can snow a lot in the North East. And like a lot of "guys" (& I'm sure some girls too!), having an extra "toy" or "button" on my vehicle, even if it may never be used, is always a "neat" thing/feature to have!

Ford offers a REAR locking "diff". But what about a CENTER locking diff, thus a 50/50 power distribution front & rear? (Like Land Rover, which Ford previous owned).

What about a FRONT locking diff? Which can be factory and/or dealer installed (e.g. Mopar offer a dealer installed "locker" for some pick-ups & Jeeps)?

Technically, like many parts, much (all?) of the R&D can be "farmed out" to other companies, such as ARB (used by Dodge I believe) or Detroit (I believe thats what Ford uses?).

No, it may not sell in mass, but neither do a lot of options and can make the difference between someone buying a Dodge or Ford pick-up. Or a Jeep or Raptor!

Just several hundred (or a thousand or so) sales you know can mean the difference between a model "being in the black" or red!

Just my $0.02.