Little thunder

I know that the ranger currently is not in the line up but if it were to return I'd like to see it massaged a bit with something simular to the RAPTOR just not quite so bullnoseed Some steroid enhanced shoulders (flaires) but lean a bit towards a smooth & sleek Look A practical extream look so the truck can still do what a truck does Go to work and have enough of a appeal to want to play some You have a nice selection of new eco-boost engines (the thumper which makes the name fit) For me I would want to get a second job to try and afford one It , Can you see how this kind of ties in the 64 thunderbolt (in name) and the lighting I have a99 xlt and one day soon I'll be looking for a replacement which I really don't want to go to a full size truckThe mid size truck is still a desired vehicle I know this becouse my 99 xlt was bought for 3600dollars 4 years ago w/130000 miles Aweek ago someone offered me $4500 and I've done nothing but regular maintanence and keep it clean