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Right now I think and most of us know Lincoln has a problem, it has no ware to go and seams to be floundering in the overall picture. Tbh without the mkz it wouldn’t be going far. Lincoln needs a injection of sorts. Something that will make its presence and name echo through out the market. I’m talking about some sort of halo car, much like the Ford GT but in a more refined aspect such as the sls amg. Other brands have dropped a massive bomb on the market such as the lfa. The boom from that transferred over to other cars and their line up is impressive.

Id say in the way of Lincoln the rebadging of the cars needs to go. The platforms can stay the same but the cars need to be changed enough to be their own separate independent look. The grill needs to be seriously revised into something of a sportier and aggressive look. Fight now they look like my uncle Fred or the mustache theme from that new wild west movie that’s out. I’m a car guy so every time I see a mustache I keep thinking of Lincoln.

Lincoln needs to start of being though of as a performance luxury brand and not as a Ford with better paint and trim.
Dennis 06/22/2014
He is right on.