Lincoln X

By Paul A.

Take a the new Fusion's skin, the suspension from a Shelby Mustang, but with a slightly softer ride. We want it to go around a corner with the best of them, but not rattle our teeth out. Equip it with the V6 turbo used in the base mustang. Make it AWD and give it a 6 speed manual option. Also, make sure the auto shifts are fast, and give it a sport setting. Don't get carried away by giving it 6 different drive modes, a sport setting is enough. Give it a sleek interior, wheels and nose job to make it stand out. Throw a small spoiler on the back.
Now sit back and enjoy the praise of journalists, and watch the sales of your competition drop.
Money comes from sales. Sales come from reputation, respect and desire. All of those attributes are earned. If you want to be the best, you have to build the best.