Lincoln vs. Cadillac...

Since Cadillac is appealing to young drivers with the CTS-V, why not revamp Lincoln with some performance models, like Audi has also and like the Mercury Cougar?
chris p 06/21/2012
lincoln towncar size body on frame with a modern 6 or 8 speed automatic with the 5.0 mustang engine. update the 1995 style body with a big trunk with a squared off look that doesn't rob interior space. Lower the lift over height on the trunk and add ergonomic type seating. this type of sedan could conquor the luxury performance, lim, police, and family sedan. use rack and pinion steering with brake and handling pkgs from family, performance, track, pursuit
Patrick C 03/10/2012
Ford needs to decide what Lincoln is supposed to be! Ford seems to have the same problem that Honda has with Acura. They don't know who their market is. Right now Lincoln is essentially Ford's Buick. The cars are solid but not that much better or different that regular Fords. That is the slot that Mercury used to fill.
Alex S 03/08/2012
I agree. The US is famous because it USED to build the most bold and powerful cars in the world. Ford has the technology to go after Mercedes V8 GTDI engines. RWD with 8 speed auto, V6 and V8 EcoBoosts please! Navigator should offer a 5.0 EcoBoost and 4.4 V8 diesel, make it global!
rick g 03/03/2012
i agree completelly with you on that i mean lincoln used to out do cadillac but since ford has desided to go another way with their designs they are making thier cars for the older generation like people in thier 60's and 70's when they should be looking at the younger generation meaning people in thier 20's and 30's if ford honestlly want's to be back on top they need younger people to help design things and ask for thier input on future car's and truck's not go with what they think we want i mean i'm only 20 about to be 21 and i would love to see more sporier lincoln's come out i mean bring back the mark series or the mark lt i mean come on even the ls was sporty so bring it back please
Isaac J 03/03/2012
I agree. Lincoln could use a two-door coupe of some sort as well as a compact sedan. However, I think a true Town Car sucessor should be on the agenda because it was a family car favorite and the large fill-sized luxury segment is making a comeback with models like the Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ.