Lincoln to use Ford Interceptor Concept for new Continental

This latest effort to revive Lincoln is doomed to failure. Lincoln needs products that people aspire to own, something that has presence so when a customer arrives in one people take notice. This MK... rebadged Fusion Lexus GS wannabe is not it. Ford / Lincoln already has what it needs, just take the Ford Interceptor Concept from a few years ago and tweak it. Please change the grill, but please do not use that new MK grill, it is terrible. Give it rear wheel drive and suicide doors. Give it rear tail lamps that are inspired by Art Deco style from Lincoln's past (take a look at what Chris Bangle did with the design of the BMW E60 5 Series tail lamps). Make it big and long and give the option of an 'L' version with 6 or 8 extra inches and an option twin turbo ecoboost V8. That would be killer and it would make people come to the showrooms. Ford already has much of the work done already, revive the Ford Interceptor Concept, make it the new Continental, not an MK (God, please stop with the stupid MKs) And don't call it Continental Mark something or other either, just Continental. For god sakes man, build a car with some balls. People like cars with balls. Now get out there and make me proud of ya!
Jabez H 08/08/2013
If Ford does this and draws more people to the showrooms they will probably sell more of other cars as well.
Matheus Ulisses P 02/17/2013
Continental!!! Continental!!! Continental!!!
Michael L 01/28/2013
Couldnt have said it better. I love Lincolns, I own an 05 LS. But Lincoln really needs to bring back the suicide doors, the ugly grills, and stop with the MK badging.
The man's right your new line - up for 2013 s boring & Cousmer Reports gave ya'll very low grades. Come back with something exciting!
William M 12/28/2012
Right on,,,old school,,,rear wheel drive,,,v-8, with style. Clean lines, modern lamps front and rear but designed to make the car stand out. Chrome bumpers and grill that make a statement. A family car with a youthful feel. Just do it. Maybe you need to hire some old school engineers.