Lincoln Super Car

Lincoln Motor Company seems to be in a jam, I have an Idea that may help. If Lincoln will ever manufacture a Super Car like every other Motor Company has.
Take the classic 1989 Lincoln Mark VII and have it redesigned. Give it More Horse Power, More Torque, Better Suspension, Better Frame and Chassis. Keep it RWD. Let Lincoln use the new rwd platform used on the 2015 Mustang. Lincoln needs to make something different instead of another Sedan.
Andrew S 03/28/2013
No. The Mark series was meant to be a personal luxury car. If you want them to do something like this, fine, but let's make it a performance hybrid like the recent Porsche 918. It cannot be a rehash of a car people bought 40 years or even 25 years ago. People my age won't buy it. NEW IDEAS bring in NEW CUSTOMERS. Not old ones with "add big motor big wheels and technology and stuff then call it something we stopped producing 20 years ago at a massive expense and then expect it to do well".
Mark K. 02/28/2013
I agree with Victor M. Put a Lincoln out there to compete directly with Cadillac and the CTS-V. Ford has a rich heritage of performance, there is no reason it can't raise the bar on GM again!!
JJMJRDEC J 01/17/2013
good suggestions over all,would like see a hybrid electric future Lincoln also powered by light. SP-LINCOLN