Lincoln Sports Car

I think Ford should release a american luxury sports car from lincoln. Possibly based on the 1958 or 1961 Lincoln Continental but, put into a modern luxury body with preformance technology. Other car manufacters are planning this also but, not yet have gotten the hang of preformance and style like Buick, or Cadillac. This would bring in a completely new market of what has never been done for a while. Of all-american luxury preformance.
Thomas Todd 02/23/2012
I agree with the first sentence. As to what Joshua W. supposes Lincoln's sports car to be based on I vehemently disagree. It used to be that a luxury car was just a better version of a more common car. This is no longer an option. With every one tightening their belts around America priorities have changed and people are starting to value ecomomy over excesive horse power. Now we are still Americans and want horse power too but when looking at gas prices even a wealthy small buisness man would rather have an eco-boosted engine over a gas guzzler. So clearly simply giving us more ponys isn't going to do it. Lets talk interior. In an effort to boost sales Ford is giving luxury options on lower end cars. I mean a small SUV with heated seats and a back up camera? So clearly giving us leather and a sun roof won't compel us to buy a Lincoln either. This is why basing luxury cars on exsiting or previous modles won't work: There is not enough distiction between what I can get from a Ford and what I can get from a Lincoln. Lincoln must reinvent itself. Don't show us concept cars like the EVOS and then let the new Acura NSX own the spot light for power-handling-economy and aesthetics. Give us the little Start with all the goodies you can cram into it and price it to beat the Fiat and the Mini. Lincoln needs to reinvent itself the way Ford has. DO NOT give me a Ford with differnt sheet metal. If Ford can give me luxury options on base cars then Lincoln needs to make cars that have people questioning why they would spent the money on a Massaratti or an Aston Marton when a Lincoln is just as appealing and costs way less. Come on Lincoln we know you can do it and we are waiting expectantly.
Mike Lowrey 11/02/2011
GB, I like your plan also was trying to come up with a good Lincoln performance line and think HR would be perfect. Think they should call all their cars Mark with a designated model # and SUV's Nav with a #. So picture your Mustang based coupe as a Lincoln Mark7 with a HR package.
Mark 4 = MKZ
Mark 6 = MKS
Mark 7 = Mustang Coupe
Mark 8 = MKT/Continental
Ken Brooks 06/22/2011
Today's market needs something that will stand out.. You don't need to sell a million units of a loss leader like the CTS V, you just need to advertise them like you are. How many 200 MPH Cadillacs are they selling?
My idea is to import the Australian Falcon Executive (GT performance) model. RWD with 400 + hp available NOW. Call it the:
MKZ /H(ot) R(od) L(incoln).
Six peed with paddle shifter. 1000 pounds lighter than the Cadillac = better power to weight ratio.
George Bailey 06/20/2011
This would be easy in the short term, a worthy challenge in the long term.

Short Term: Use the Mustang chassis. Install the IRS it was designed for. Create an elegant yet sporty body design with build quality inside and out. Make it handle (not like the soft Thunderbird that was built on the same chassis). Offer a high-performance version. Design a 4-door version (oops, did I say LS?).

Long Term: Put your engineers to work. Design a new lightweight, adaptable RWD chassis for Lincoln that will support a range of future offerings. Offer a diesel/hybrid and manual shift options.

Without product differentiation Lincoln will be a memory within 3 years.
Mike Limas 05/28/2011
i'm interested
Wilbur 05/19/2011
greg pigors 05/08/2011
If there was going to be any car to base an idea off of it would be the MarkVIII enough said!
Robert Todd 04/25/2011
58 and 61 Lincolns were beautiful monsters. I had a 58 convertible. Pure 50's sulpture. The 61 was very classy