Lincoln performance sedan or coupe

By Jake J.

To beat brands like Cadillac, Lexus, and Audi, Ford needs to produce a performance oriented coupe or sedan. Lincoln, you're finally gaining ground, don't lose it. Possibly make the 2013 mkz into a 2 door coupe and add a lot of horsepower and some torque.
David G 09/28/2012
4 Door Mustang? Hard to image what that would look like! You want a 4-door performance car?chow about the SHO or ford can bring over the Falcon XR6 Turbo from Australia!

But in all honesty, 1) It’s no secret that at the moment and for the past few years, most/all Lincoln products are just more luxurious (& thus more expensive) versions of current (& often standard) Ford products. I also hate to say it, in most/all cases it’s VERY obvious that it’s “just a Ford” with a “chrome grill.” The same can be said about the Cadillac Escalade vs GM Suburban. It has been a while since Lincoln has had its own dedicated model (the 1999 Jag based Lincoln LS if I’m correct). It’s also no secret that Lincoln is somewhat “floundering” at the moment, especially when compared to Cadillac. I’m no GM fan (neither is my family & can’t imagine ever being one or a GM customer) but let’s all be honest, GM is doing a VERY good job lately with Cadillac, especially offing things like a supercharged Corvette based engine and manual transmission in some its cars (e.g. CTS-V). I’m a “young professional,” (in the 1980’s I would have been called a “yuppie”). If Lincoln wants to lower its demographics, lower the average age of its customers & ultimately sell more vehicles then it needs people similar to me to purchase its products! BUT YOU MUST CREATE A PRODUCT FOR ME TO BUY/WANT! Just like the Ford GT became a “halo car” for Ford, Lincoln can use a sleek coupe and thus “halo car” to get people to start talking about Lincoln and bring people in to the dealership(s). We already know that the Mustang GT can go head-to-head performance wise with the BMW M3, why not take a Mustang, change the “rear clip”, add a Lincoln grill, if possible some additional minor external bodywork & trim changes, a “fancier” interior compared to the Mustang such as additional leather w/ suede inserts, some interior wood/brushed metal trim, offer luxury and/or tech features not found in the Mustang (e.g. lane keeping assist, self parking, etc), paint & finishes that are Lincoln specific (i.e. not available on the Mustang), like the Mustang make it available in a several versions say three (3) versions (not including transmissions) + options (a V6, V8, a LIMITED VERSION/AVAILABILITY V8 SUPERCHARGED & like Cadillac make it available w/ a manual transmission, EVEN IF IT ONLY SELLS A FEW, its already EPA/DOT certified so shouldn’t be too difficult to offer), charge a premium over the Mustang (after all, it’s not a Mustang anymore, it’s now a Lincoln) and VIOLA! What do you think? Also, the higher-end limited available supercharged versions could be Shelby based but with possibly slightly toned down bodywork, Thus, your “Halo” car. I know it’s not exactly that easy, but it’s not exactly that difficult either! Nissan does it with the Infinity g35 & Nissan Z for example! Depending on how far Lincoln wants to go (i.e. spend), you can offer it with an independent rear end (unlike ANY Mustang, extend the wheelbase to make it more of a grand tourer than a “Muscle car”). I think it would be a nice start! I think it will/can appeal to any of these examples, plus more: “young professionals” who want something “higher end” but still “affordable“ (relative term) and more unique than a Mustang, someone who wants a high-end non GM product, someone who wants to buy a high end American product or something rarer and unique than a BMW “3” or “1” Coupe at a more reasonable price. Last but not least, all/most the Ford-Mustang performance parts should/would fit, a selling point to individualize your vehicle and or make it faster/perform better.
Mike S 08/10/2012
I want a HotRod Lincoln! I love my 2003 Lincoln LS. All it needs is twice the horsepower. So, build me a 560 horse, rear-wheel drive, 4-door Lincoln to replace my LS. Please. (A manual transmission would be nice ...)
Beau O 07/31/2012
They need to build a 4 door mustang with Boss 5.0 motor AND with the same platform but different body panels they need to market and sell a 5.8 gt500 powered rear drive sedan as a lincoln to dominate the M5/CTSV market.