Lincoln HRL

I would like Ford to consider coming out with a MKS/MKZ HRL model. HRL meaning "Hot Rod Lincoln". Of course the engine of choice is the EcoBoost V6 with the potential 400 hp motor. Back in the day, Lincolns were considered to be the choice of hot rodders.
John I 03/15/2013
I Agree Lincoln HR. It needs to be legendary! It needs to out perform the veyron. Call it the Bug Eater. (~pay attention~ Bug stands for Bugatti) ;)
Mike Lowrey 11/03/2011
I like HRL but to avoid the the vomit be happy with just a Lincoln HR
George Bailey 06/20/2011
It would be nice if HRL stood for High-Performance, Rear-Wheel-Drive, Lincoln.
Ken Brooks 05/09/2011
Just test drove a Bi Turbo EcoBoost in a Flex last weekend. Very impressive. 365 HP pulls that heavy box smartly off the line as if it was a small block V8. Would perfect in an MKZ/HRL configuration.
Ken Brooks 04/07/2011
Absolutely BRILLIANT!
I've been tuning a Zephyr with bolt on bits from Steeda and have looking for a 'Hot Rod Lincoln" moniker>. HRL it is! Beefed up suspension and frame, motor mods etc.
But I WANT an Ecoboost MKZ HRL! Look at the Aussies. They have it down pat with the Falcon sports models. Something wrong with the USA?
Paul Dee 03/23/2011
@ terry chin, once Lincoln HRL is known, that association will NEVER happen again! . . . . . . . . 'Daddy said, "Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop drivin' that H. R. L.!"' :-D
terry chin 03/22/2011
Love the idea of a Hot Rod Lincoln... but "HRL" first struck me as HURL as to barf or vomit.
Paul Dee 02/21/2011
I love "HRL"
if a "Lincoln engine" was to be shared with ...say the Mustang... it'd be so cool to have it say "Powered by Lincoln HRL"