By Brad K.

Lincoln needs more unique products to re-establish itself as a luxury brand. The 2015 Mustang platform could be used for a performance/luxury sedan with unique engine options not offered in the Mustang such as an EcoBoost V6. Maybe use a turbocharged 5 Liter for an "AMG"-like version. It would be unique because it's a sedan, and there would be no Ford sedan variant.
Also, with the Mercedes CLA, Audi A3 and such, a smaller performance luxury sedan could be made based on the Focus with unique styling and maybe a 2.0L EcoBoost engine offered with manual or automatic. This is a growing market!
Lincoln needs to be in both of these markets!
Brad B 11/26/2013
Hey Ford ! How about bringing back the Mark V. To quote Iacocca a long hood, short deck, with the Continential Trunk lid. Some of those True Spoke wire wheels, and the like. I'm 55 and a luxury car should be that, luxury. Let Cadillac have the swoopy looks and performance image, it will fail. I'd love to own a new Lincoln Mark V.
William M 11/05/2013
Lincoln had the LS with a V-8 and rear wheel drive. It was the perfect sedan. I have the 04 lincoln ls. But when a motor co. Gets something good going, they change things up and leave out what some people like most. Lincoln needs a new version of the LS and possibly a 2-door version of the LS similar to the mustang. Or possibly the LS turned into a Ranchero.
Andrew B 11/02/2013
I agree, Lincoln would probably get a lot more sales and i love lincolns but i do think they should step up performance wise and have different platforms. Mazda used to share platforms with ford and they got no where, now that they are using their own they are making a comback. I don't have anything against ford they are amoung my favorite brand of car but i do think it would help if lincoln used their own platform. cadillac needs a closer competitor and so far lincoln isn't stacking up.