By Alec S.

The 2013 MKZ and MKS look great but it feels to me like Lincoln is still missing something like a luxury mustang and a redesign for the Navigator. Using Real names not 3 letters (that people get mixed up all the time). and a Cadillac V Series killer.
Juston P 05/06/2012
Lincoln is practically dead...
I would be a fan again instantly if they had a rebadged Fiesta 2.0 EcoBoost AWD, heated and cooled Seats, My Lincoln Touch NAV that worked with my Android Phone, and noise insulation that made that car seam stealthy...
Stan C 04/30/2012
Make the MKZ a 2 door sports luxury coupe version as part of your new vision for Lincoln...Include paddle shifter and more horsepower under hood. When you open the hood and look at motor make it have some real & unique eyeball appeal...Remember the 57 Tbird with the 312cid dress-up option.....get a bunch of guys looking under the hood and cool power plant can be nothing but upside for Lincoln.
Peter B 04/30/2012
Lincoln needs to come off life support and get rebirthed. - Perhaps the Evos as the start of the rebirth of cool? Or something like it - Besides the current Lincoln designs are dogs... would not even suggest my parents to drive one... what is the Lincoln team thinking....? IMHO they need some fresh perspectives over there...