Limited Slip Diff in Focus ST

The software/brake assisted torque compensation works OK, but is no match for a real limited slip differential. I've driven a FWD car with an Quaife LSD and it works so well. Please, Ford Racing Parts, make an LSD for the Focus ST. It will pay for itself in saved tires.
Jon E 07/15/2014
Presumably no one that buys a Focus would Ever drive it in the winter? Come on Ford. Please dont just offer it in the ST either, honestly I want a Titanium with the ST engine, but I'd take it without if it had a freaking lsd. Infuriating.
David L 01/16/2014
All high-performance FWD cars should have a proactive or at least a reactive mechanical LSD be made optional. Ford, look what VW has done for the Golf GTI with the performance pack and the wonders that a LSD does for the car! Please make a LSD an option for the Focus ST!!!
Philip 11/20/2013
Ford Please put in a Lsd or make it a option, I would take it over a sunroof for sure. I'm waiting for the Mountune stuff to be all set up state side so please hurry up and make this a option fast.thank you for the st state side,Phil
Kenneth S 08/15/2013
That the ST doesn't have a limited slip differential when the Honda Civic Si does (at a lower price) is sort of lost on me. Perhaps it has to do with sales expectations, but I won't be buying one if it relies on the brakes to control wheelspin come winter (I'm less worried about drifting or going to the track - practical is my concern). Additionally, the lack of a backup camera is just wrong when you can get it on the Focus and Federal regulations will soon require them on vehicles anyway. Trying to meet a price point and deciding to delete obvious features in a car that often hits $28K or more is sort of silly.

I hope this is fixed in 2015, as I've taken one for a drive and like the car, but won't be buying it if such "penny wise, pound foolish" decisions undercut the intent of the vehicle.
Paul I 08/07/2013
The ST needs a diff to remain above the next gen gti.
Anthony B 07/29/2013
Having owned mine and taken it to the track I can say that the differential would make a huge difference in brake wear as the Torque Vectoring won't have to work so hard. It's not ideal to have to replace pads so quickly.
Chance 07/23/2013
Add to cart please.
Greg G 07/11/2013
Something like this was offered for the Focus svt, and definitely should be offered for the far more powerful Focus ST. It's not just a question about handling in the corners. A limited slip differential would improve traction in straight lines, and poor conditions as well, and improve tire and brake life. I consider this a must have.
Matt D 02/20/2013
angel p 02/16/2013
i cant believe this is not even offered as standard equipment
Larry Vance 01/15/2013
I won"t buy mine still this is standard.
Kenneth B 01/04/2013
Yes, it would be nice to get access to the LSD developed for the ST-R
Grant Z 01/04/2013
Its a real must for any competitive use of this car.