Limited Edition of the Ford GT

A limited edition of the Ford GT will provide a "Halo Car" for Ford. A Carbon fiber bodied Ford GT with a twin turbo 427 engine. All the components already exist . It is just a question of putiing them together. I am sure there is a market for such a product.
austin spinazze 01/14/2011
I think that sounds like a great idea but the only problem I can see with that is if you look back at some of the recent Ford vehicles like the Shelby mustang for instance they always try and cut corners like putting on very simple and basic suspension on a with 550 bhp. If they do however remake the Ford GT then they should do what Cadillac did with CTS-V and get out a world atlas look for a place call germany. From there they should then look for a little known track called the Nurburgring, and then build hone what if I'm honest has the potential to be one of the best super cars!!