Learn that 4.54L is also a Gallon

By Burk B.

Why is it that the Ford engineers are not educated enough to know that 4.54L is a gallon as well as 3.78L? Yes the trucks are made in the US where they have their unique small gallon but outside the US 4.54L is what is used.

What that means is the display that tells you your fuel economy in MPG is giving false data and is useless. This is so easy to fix and it is 100% free. When you program the computer chip simply put in another number to choose from.

Ford can physically make the change tray to accomodate $1 Loonies and the spedomometer to read KM in large (which all costs $$$ to change) but to simply enter 4.54 into a computer chip is beyond them.

Please change this.