Keep with the times. Awd Mustang

Awd is fast on the street, that's a fact. Mustang has plenty of torque, and plenty of horsepower. She needs traction to use its full potential. Just imagine how quick the zero to 60mph times would be. Build it!
Devin F 05/21/2013
BAD IDEA the Mustang belongs in the sports car category!!!!!!
conor d 04/27/2013
How about allowing it to switch between AWD and RWD like any tractor
Juan 04/22/2013
Mustang already heavy enough with RWD. Many high-powered track cars using RWD. AWD is good for somethings, but not necessary for a high-powered sports-car. RWD is more fun to drive than AWD unless you are off-roading.
Samuel W 04/19/2013
AWD bogs down on the line to much for a muscle car.
James W 04/15/2013
I have to disagree. The Mustang should remain strictly RWD. You can get plenty of grip out of a RWD set up. Instead they should take the Fusion which has an AWD and drop a 5.0 in there with appropriate upgrades. That would be better
dominic p 04/11/2013
Sorry to disagree, but you're asking to take the Mustang out of the muscle car category and put it into the "econo-box with all-wheel drive" category. Instead, why not take the Focus and convert that to all-wheel drive or take the EVOS concept car and all-wheel drive it rather than giving it a Mustang badge. Or maybe it could be a good idea to build one of the Mustang models as an all-wheel drive?