Introducing "DriverSelect"

"DriverSelect" is the drivetrain system operated by the driver. In "DriverSelect", the driver simply directs which wheels get power... How do they do this? By simply tapping the MFT screen to the drivetrain settings. Want front wheel drive? Simply move the virtual slider to the front wheels - all there is to it. Want a 65/35 rear/front split on your power setup? Simply move the virtual slider to 65r35f mark on you MFT screen. Hey, how about making this All wheel drive "active"; simply tap "active" and you will see "passive" become deselected.

Fuel conscious or nervous about towing? No need. "DriverSelect" automatically adjusts torque settings, transmission shift points, etc according to, well - what the driver selects; "Tow", "Eco", "Pwr" - just a few at your disposal ready to be initiated.

Enjoy your drive :)
Neil K 01/02/2013
No such thing as too much driver control.