independent rear suspension

By Evan M.

I know a lot of people say no to IRS (independent rear suspension) because its a muscle car but i think there should be an option or a package add on for it, for the people who would want it. That way the people who think muscle cars should be SRA (solid rear axle) can have it like that or they can get the IRS
George Bailey 06/30/2011
The drag-racing guys love the solid rear axle but only because Ford did not engineer a competent IRS system. A whole host of high HP cars around the world sport IRS with no issues. Griggs wouldn't exist if Ford had done their job. Lincoln could use a 2 door coupe. It might attract some traffic into a Lincoln showroom. A 4 door performance sedan would help there also. So keep the muscle-car guys happy and make the IRS "Mustang" a Lincoln and give it a real name. Since Ford owns the rights to all of those Mercury names, I kind of like "Cougar."
Mike Farrell 08/17/2010
I agree with an IRS for a performance sedan(4 door) but not in a Mustang. Take one ride in a Griggs GR40 Mustang & you will see a huge difference. Griggs does a ton of 03-04 Cobra conversions to solid axle for a reason. If Ford were to add a watts-link & torque arm to the rear suspension, nobody would ever ask for the IRS.