Increase performance of SHO

By Mark C.

The Taurus SHO needs a 'track key' performance pack similar to the Mustang. This would allow the SHO to run on a different tune, similar to those available from aftermarket vendors, providing around 425HP. When not needed, the car would run on the normal OEM tune.
The car also needs to have the AWD retuned to be a rear biased system which allows for more torque to be sent to the rear wheels reducing torque steer and benefiting handling.
Lastly, the car needs to loose around 800lbs without reducing safety or structural regidity and stiffness of the current model.
Other than those items, I wouldn't change anything else. I love my SHO!
shannon b 04/20/2014
This is exactly what the sho need!
Tom 01/15/2014
Great suggestion!