Increase 2011 Mustang Automatic V6 Launch Performance and GT Fuel Economy

Change 6th gear in the 2011 Mustang automatic transmissions from .69 to .60.

For the V6 this would allow use of the 3.15 axle ratio and yield the same highway rpm in 6th gear as with the 2.73 ratio. My test drive of the 2011 V6 automatic with 2.73 axle gave the impression that that car was less powerful on launch than the 2006 and 2010 V6 automatics that I own. This impression of sluggishness was then overcome by a surge of power from the 2011. The 3.15 axle should be a major performance improvement. Fuel economy around town might improve because 3rd gear lock-up would be available sooner and highway mileage would stay the same because of the .60 6th gear.

For the 2011 GT going from the .69 to the .60 6th gear would lower RPM and should enable an extra 1 or 2 mpg on the highway. Mustangs V8s must survive tighter fuel economy standards.

This change would result in all 2011 Mustang automatics using the 3.15 axle, reducing inventory and service complexity.

Particularly with the excellent new V6, Ford needs to eliminate the bad test drive impression the automatic with 2.73 axle creates without sacrificing the excellent fuel economy. The 2010 Camaro must not be allowed to sell at twice the Mustang rate (April 2010).