Improved driving habits

I love my 2012 ford focus but would like to see a bit of a different implementation in the display that shows the MPG. The only thing available currently is average MPG (since reset) while this may be nice t o know, it is relatively useless as far as teaching a driver how to drive more efficiently. The little flower shaped indicator (that is supposed to show anticipation etc) is a great idea but its sensitivity needs to be much higher. Currently unless I really lead foot the gas or drive like a mad man it always registers excellent. Yet with careful driving I can get better that stated MPG. I'd love two things an option for instantaneous MPG, not just average and an indicator that changes color from bright red (for bad MPG) to green (Great) Perhaps even like a thermometer that starts centered. The better the MPG it lengthens and gets greener it gets. The worse the MPG it goes in the other direction but is red.