IF Europe has them why can't we?

By Nick M.

I am an American but I go to Europe too ...to see how life is when you don't live in America, and to be honest I got jealous. Not because of the sights but what drives through the streets of europe, the ford focus. Now I know we have one too but ours isn't as pretty and since the svt has passed, it shall not be forgotten, we don't have alot of kick in ours. The RS, rally sport, package that the teens are driving over there is gorgeous and fast, it made quick work of every other car on the road, and it was loaded with so many features my head began to hurt listening to what it had. If we had one of those, or the ST,you got me, package, all in a hatchback bundle that would be the best car in America..
Angel 05/26/2010
I got jealous when I saw James Bond driving a sweet-looking Ford Focus in Casino Royale. I believe it was in the Bahamas and wondered how the island nation was getting the Euro-spec Focus while just 30 miles away in Florida the older style Focus still being sold. And that was over 2 years before the US Focus was restyled.