I4 Turbo RWD or AWD Fusion

Remember the Ford Sierra? Remember the Ford Sierra RS Sapphire Cosworth? Those were really awesome cars back in the 80s, and if anything have become even cooler now. How about making a spiritual successor, like a RWD or AWD I4 turbo (big turbo) Fusion? Offered with a manual or automatic, with the hood vents and special spoiler, Recaro seats and sport wheel. I think it would be a hit. Definitely open up to a market that would normally be attracted to something like a low-end Mercedes C class or Audi A4, just with better looks and better performance. I know I would buy one.
Brad k 04/16/2013
If they did make it they would probably not use forged pistons or make the engine strong enough to handle any more boost to please the "hot rodders"