Hybrid F-150 Pickup Truck

By Jeff M.

Perhaps Ford should consider creating a light-duty hybrid F-150 pickup truck by installing a V-6 powerplant similar to their C-Max vehicle.  If necessary, it could be a "part-time" system, manually controlled to remain in 100% gasoline fueled mode for full horsepower output when required for hauling or towing.  However, while simply commuting (which is mostly likely the majority of the time), the savings in hybrid mode would be significant (and much appreciated by the owner!).  Also, certain structural and interior components could be light-weighted (or eliminated altogether) to reduce bulk, and low rolling resistance tires could be mounted on lightweight rims for additional efficiency.  I hope that the engineers at Ford find that this idea has merit.  Thank you for your consideration, and keep building us top quality American products.  Thank you!