Hot T-Bird

Re-introduce the ThunderBird. One model Top Of The Line performance and special Paint patterns. The comfort of a Lincoln, performance of a Shelby Mustang and stlying of a state of the art jet fighter. Make it as green as possible.
Sound proof the exterior and an awesome interior sound like a opera house..
 And a second model more in line to the average American stylish type auto buyer with details on the driver adding some unigue special features...
 Some features to consider would be suicide doors, hard top convertible, pop up headlights, tailfins..(yes I did say tailfins) Led Thunderbird emblems and logos.
  Ford does not offer a fancy higher end sports luxury model vehcile.. That is all Lincoln..
Mark V 11/29/2013
Ford's Line up has been incomplete since the T-Bird was discontinued. In my opinion it's Ford's second most popular car in my lifetime (the last 60 years). Only the Mustang is more iconic. I've owned Mustangs since 1975 and Thunderbirds since 1980. My pride and joy is a 1997 T-Bird LX Sport that we ordered new when we heard of the coming discontinuation. It's a show car that now has 21,000 original miles. We would like a new one: two door, 5.0 L V8, a little larger than the Mustang, a combination of performance and comfort, something that really stands out as a midsize specialty car.