High Performance Hybrid

I think that Ford should pursue a high performance hybrid focusing on power delivery. Be the first to go hydraulic with a composite accumulator. I think you should have a hydraulic motor with encoder for every wheel and then spend the engineering time to take the performance through the roof with advanced hydraulic controls allowing things like torque vectoring in corners and launch control that recognizes the edge of traction. The way that you could do this is to tie the hydraulic control system into various sensors like the encoders, accelerometers, pressure monitors on the shocks, GPS, etc. Then based on the conditions seen by the sensors adjust the power delivery or braking depending on the driver input. You can also use the hydraulic motors and this sensor system for high performance regenerative braking that allows recharging the accumulator. Size the motors and accumulators to make this a leader on the track and at the drag strip. Make a hydraulic recharging station to top off the accumulator at home using a 220V plug in electric to hydraulic charging device. Set up the controls in the car with modes for fuel economy/commuting, and track/racing. Have the system tune-able for new tires and differing road conditions. Or make it smart enough to learn from lack of traction response from the sensors. Try to use as many economical off the shelf items as possible. Keep performance high and cost low so that the car nut feels at home buying his first performance based hybrid. Performance car guys will love the word hybrid if it gives them something that brings the adrenaline at a price they can afford. The goal is $44,000 or less but faster than the Shelby GT500. This is the future of the performance automobile as I see it. If hydraulic doesn’t work for Ford then please put these performance ideas into the electric hybrids. Think capacitors instead of composite accumulators.
Edwin C 12/27/2012
Suppose its bound to be offered at some point, however, nice performance prestige engines - with one piece spark plugs - are what matters to the enthusiast car buyer.