Hidden Performance

By Alex P.

I would love to see a Mustang with something like a variable performance setting that you could flip on and off. One setting would let you cruise the streets like any other normal car but when you flip the switch, the car would gain the ability to go hundreds of miles per hour and have massive acceleration. Kind of like David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider.
Sea B 05/05/2012
I would like a gas miser setting for myself. I had a JET 6 pack chip in an old S-15 years ago and I could choose of 6 settings of performance. Fuel efficient to racing. Seems possible to me.
Johann S 05/01/2012
The setting can be turned off by parents etc... kinda like the radio volume limit on other Ford cars. I like it! I always thought an "economy" mode should be standard, with a "performance" selection available.