GT500 5.4 Coyote

By Nick M.

I believe FORD should and most likely has put the Coyote 5.0 heads on the 5.4 in the GT500. It makes total sense because the heads will bolt directly on since both engines are modulars. The GT500 just got the new aluminum block so just using the 5.0 engine would be a waste of this new casting. Only one head casting will be needed between engines saving money. All the awesome advantages of economy and power from variable timing would be a double plus POWER and ECONOMY superiority. Basic tuning for the engine has already been worked out due to Ford's work on supercharger kits for 5.0s and the upcoming GT350. Also a twin turbo Ecoboost system instead of the supercharger added to this engine would be the real ulitmate GT500 engine. Stay on top FORD we have Z28's to battle. Make It Happen !!
James Fisher 01/06/2011
Id like to see them drop a 5.0 twin turbo or supercharged into the GT500, i think that's more likely. Yeah, changing the heads would add power, but adding forced induction to an already great engine architecture would be spectacular. The 5.4 wouldn't have to go to waste even, plenty of people would buy them as a now cost effective crate motor for their projects