GT 90 SS

The first Gt 90 was A peace of new age Tech that was really short lived do to it's cost but what if The sport coupe slash super car was brought back as A Super Snake on steroids, The cars body , would need to stay light, plus new tech now thru Ford with the Cobra motor ,or it's knew twin turbo V8 they stuck in the new mustang, plus the knew suspention tech that make's the muscle cars feel like sport cars , with ford's new aluminum body witch is stronger & lighter , the car can still be A mid engine monster , but also be fuel affective , due to kevlar & fiber glass mix , with that plus keep'n the weight under 4200--,,..the car would be fast & low ,more arrow dynamic, please think about my Idea you can reach me thru my facebook page anytime Kitterll Singleton...P.S.the car could be made for the right price , If Nissan can build one and sell it I know Ford can do one better......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
N. R 04/14/2012
The Ford GT was discontinued only because it was a limited production vehicle, not because of the price. If Ford wants to beat the GTR the 2013 Gt500 would be the car to fight it. But if they want to take on the new Viper, or the ZR1 then your Idea would be great especially with the use of Ford's new supercharged 5.8L v8.
Isaac Johnson 02/01/2012
I dont think ANY automotive brand needs more than one sports car. The new 650 Shelby GT500 is more than enough. However I do think that if Nissan can accomplish producing a car with one of the fastest 0-60 times today, then Ford could as well.
art hansen 01/31/2012
You mean like the Pantera