Gran Torino

As a muscle car fan, I can't help but to think about a Gran Torino. What about bringing it back? The Mustang is clearly a very cool car, but it really is a pony car. Let's get into the muscle car arena again with a big broad shouldered cruiser that looks, sounds, and drives like a muscle car. maybe some more of those camaro customers will look away from chevrolet!
mark t 03/13/2014
Since chrysler has the challanger and charger, why not bring back the torino/fairlane muscle car. Install the same 5.0 ltr. motor, but build it a little bigger. I test drove a mustang and the only reason I didn't purchase it was because there isn't enough room in the back seat if the driver seat is all the way back. Be sure and make it rear wheel drive.
Arnold R 10/15/2013
Yes! Ford should do that with the Gran Torino AND the Mustang. 
Jabez H 08/13/2013
Also put in an extreme sound system to make it the ultimate guy truck.