Gotta bring the Fusion Wagon

By Rick W.

Love the look of the new Fusion--can't wait to see it in person. What I would really like to see is the wagon version-- like they have in Europe ( the Mondeo). 2.0 liter turbo, with all wheel drive would be a great replacement for my Volvo V70 R. Better yet, how about a Fusion "ST" wagon?
matthew 10/14/2014
This would probably be the #1 vehicle on my list, and I'm not really a Ford guy. i typically lean toward sporty hatchbacks.
Mike F 04/03/2014
Would buy instantly. Love my Focus ZX5 but will need a larger replacement soon, and I can't see buying an Escape or Edge. Let alone a Flex. All nice vehicles but I am a car guy.
steve f. 02/06/2014
i am a firm believer that a fusion or focus wagon would be a best seller in the U.S. especially with gas prices so high. please bring back a mid size U. S. station wagon. thanks. Steve f.
chris s 01/02/2014
Best idea ever! Just give us an ST version. Please!!!!!!!!!!!
Red Wagon 12/02/2013
Build a Fusion plug in hybrid wagon and save me from buying a Prius V please.
Tim G 08/29/2013
Can you please "One Ford" us into the Mondeo versions of the Fusion I.E. hatchback or wagon models? My 2004 Mazda 6 5 door is getting a bit tired. Thanks!
Well V 07/07/2013
Bring the wagon and have a leg up on the competition. VW has a wagon and they are vying to be the biggest car company in the world. How the heck did such a great company like Ford lets the Koreans and others catch up and even pass them (i.e VW).
Zach P 04/12/2013
Ford, you neeeed to bring this wagon over here, or the Focus Wagon. The wagon buyers are the most loyal customers out there, atleast 40% of the Mk1 focus' I see on the road are the wagon variants. Most of these buyers are waiting patiently for you to get your act together and offer a wagon for them. They don't want to go to VW (BTW VW is having extraordinary success with the Jetta Sportwagen, which is nearly 20% of all Jetta sales.) You just need to be bold and offer either the focus wagon or the fusion wagon (I'd say both-- but that'll never happen) God how much I lust for a Focus ST wagon...
Craig J 04/10/2013
Fusion AWD Wagon might just get me out of my Subaru Outback.
Well V 02/18/2013
For goodness sake, bring it to Canada already
Bill K 02/17/2013
What a thought - a station wagon to compete with Mercedes, BMW, and Audi and cost half as much or less. I still lots of the old Taurus wagons on the road. Some people do not like minivans, SUV's, or Crossovers.
Joseph N 02/14/2013
Toyota and Subaru has wagons in this class,
Bring it here, so people can have what is needed, a wagon that would get better MPG than the too tall CUVs and SUVs.
Zach H 02/12/2013
Sell me one right now and I'll trade in my E350 4matic wagon.
John 12/29/2012
I'm waiting to trade my 2005 Honda Odyssey for a Ford Fusion Wagon. Please make one available soon. Drove a Fusion rental recently and it was love at first truck I passed. John in Wisconsin
Jesse J 12/12/2012
Ryan W 11/25/2012
The way it worked went something like this: Ford replaced the wagon version of the 4th-gen Taurus with the Taurus X crossover, but then they killed that because it was unnecessarily competing with the Edge.

So here's the way a proper Fusion Wagon would go: The base trim level would be the same as the midlevel SE trim on the sedan, available with the 1.6 or the 2.0, with the option of the same Luxury Package and the same set of available wheels. I'd forgive a lack of a manual transmission for the SE wagon. Then there's the uplevel Titanium trim, with the 2.0, AWD and all the same options as the sedan. Ideally, both trim levels would also offer a package to compete with the Subaru Outback, including AWD with a three or four inch lift and more driver control over the AWD system - I'm thinking 3 drive modes: Front wheel drive (Or rear?), auto, and 50/50.

And of course the Edge would unnecessarily compete with the Fusion wagon and would be discontinued.
Tim S 11/12/2012
Moving from Oz to the US in a few months and am really disappointed by the lack of wagons on the market. Something that looks like this would instantly make it to the top of the list
paul s 11/12/2012
Currently there are no mid size wagons in North America. The Fusion wagon would be an instant hit. There are people in this market who want the economy, handling and cargo space that only a wagon provides. It would be awesome with the one liter ecoboost engine as well.
Dale K 11/11/2012
Fusion wagon diesel would be a homerun to me.
Rob C 11/02/2012
I might buy two Fusion Hybrid Wagons, one for me and one for my wife. My Subaru Legacy Outback would be long gone and would absolutely LOVE to see an all wheel drive, sport version of the Ford Fusion Hybrid! Make it happen...Go FORD!
T.S 10/29/2012
Please bring a variant Fusion or Focus station wagon....not everyone wants to settle for a crossover or a full size truck. Currently own a 2007 Fusion. Though its space is admirable with the fold down seats a wagon version would be really nice. Add a.w.d and light tow capability would be awesome - I know I would have to buy a Subaru even though I have only purchased Fords.
Brandon B 10/28/2012
I have been searching for the "perfect car" for months and have yet to be wowed by anything. I would buy that car in a heartbeat if it existed.

The only decent wagons now available of the Jetta Sportwagen which looks a little homely a vanilla and the Acura TSX Wagon which is too damn expensive. The Audi is 40,000 and the Outback is just, well, no.

Please make
Arlen M 10/27/2012
If a Fusion Wagon like the Mondeo comes out in 2013/2014, I'll buy one. Simple as that. Hybrid option would be gravy.
Ben G 10/16/2012
Yes, yes, yes, 1000 times yes. The new Fusion is awesome but a sedan does not have the flexibility of a wagon.
Ben G 10/16/2012
I have a Focus wagon now (2002). I will NOT ever buy an SUV or a crossover but neither do I want to give up the cargo capacity, fun, and flexibility of my wagon to buy a sedan or hatchback. Would LOVE to see the Fusion wagon in the U.S. but the Focus wagon would be great too, iif it could be had with a great Ecoboost or hybrid option like the new Fusion.
Carl W 10/02/2012
Ford do what you preach "GO FURTHER" and give your North American customers what they want. Call it a utility if you have to satisfy some crazy notion or paranoia someone in the big house has about wagons.
Paul M 10/02/2012
Dan M said it very well - enthusiasts as well as young adults are leaning away from SUVs and crossovers, no matter how fuel-efficient they are. They are becoming the new minivan/wagon of previous generations - i.e. the car mom drove that we hate. We want space to haul our friends and gear for our active lifestyles, but we are also eco and fasion conscious. We want good styling, good gas mileage, and something sporty and fun to drive. The Fusion wagon offers all of this. So does the Focus wagon. To not bring these over you are telling potential and loyal Ford customers that you don't really care what they want. We are saying we want wagons. We are saying we want real manual transmissions with the more powerful engine options (Fusion 2.0L EB, cough cough). They are available in Europe. So how about making it happen so we can purchase a Ford before we get fed up and buy a VW or Subaru?
JM 09/30/2012
Please bring a six-speed manual diesel or EcoBoost Fusion wagon to the US (California, specifically) and I promise not to defect from the Blue Oval!
JW 09/29/2012
I want a Fusion Energi wagon. Who wants a gas hog SUV? When will America wake up?
Gregory C 09/28/2012
Really need a Ford alternative to the Subaru AWD Wagons that are ubiquitous in New England (I'm in Maine). I am looking for a car-based AWD wagon with a strong turbo motor (2.0 EcoBoost?) and a manual transmission. At this point, Subaru has a stranglehold on the market with their very nice cars but I would like to have Ford as a choice.
Geoff 09/28/2012
I'd trade in my big BMW wagon for a fun-to-drive Fusion wagon.
Dave C 09/28/2012
Fusion wagon is fantastic idea.... maybe a little diesel to steal all the $$$ from the "TDI" crowd???
Steve2 09/27/2012
Bring the Fusion wagon or 5 door hatch with AWD to the US and I'll buy one.
Tom N 09/27/2012
Funny the way I voted for this yesterday and my friend voted for this but it still shows only 5 votes
Ben D 09/27/2012
I can guarantee that a wagon that actually looks good will sell. You already made it into a wagon (in Europe) and we all know it looks good, so bring it to the US!!
Jay-Michael S 09/27/2012
Be the only American car company to offer a wagon with less than 600hp.
joshua f 09/27/2012
Don't let Europe have all the fun!
George W 09/27/2012
Bring the wagon with the entire line of eco boost including the 1.0L. Seriously this is your home country why are we never included with ability to have options for power plant / tranmissions.

Or Atleast gives us a response to why its makes no business sense to educate your customers on why your so limited to what can be purchased.

Do the dealers in USA have that much power over the manufacturer??

Well you (Ford) do kinda manufacture the car don't you and you should have a right to sell it how you want to?? Right??

Make a bold move and go against the norm, you already did by adding Mulally to the Ford dynasty, keep it up!!
James T 09/27/2012
I would trade in my Saturn Aura in a heartbeat and become a ford man if they made a Fusion Wagon, or a Taurus Wagon, especially if it was a hybrid
Sean H 09/27/2012
Families always need more space, and some don't need a minivan. Coupled with the economy and grace of a sedan, a Fusion Wagon is just what the doctor ordered. Yes, yes, yes!
Doug J 09/27/2012
A Fusion wagon is my dream car! And no, I'm not kidding!
My family and I are all Subaru owners, but the new Subarus have gotten so large that their fuel economy mhas stayed the same for the past 8 years. I want a fuel-effficient wagon (preferably AWD, but I'm willing to compromise), and the great looks of the new Fusion would be a huge plus.
Dan M 09/27/2012
As a young professional in my late 20's, I would love to see some new wagon options in the United States. I have a sporty hatchback right now, but I'd really like my next car to feel a bit more "grown up".

What I need from a car:
1. Fun to drive.
- Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid, Electric, doesn't matter to me. Like most Americans I drive my car every day. I want to have fun while doing so. I don't need a sports car, but something with decent handling and a little get-up-and-go makes the daily commute that much more exciting. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US THE OPTION OF A MANUAL TRANSMISSION, especially on the fastest version. I want a car that I'm excited to drive.

2. Practical.
- Yes, most of the time my car is only hauling me, or my fiancee and I. In fact, the most hauling it does on a regular basis is either 4 people, and/or a trunk full of groceries. However, I mountain bike, I road bike, I camp, I'm looking into getting some kayaks. I need a vehicle that can haul all of my gear for various hobbies. A sedan or coupe with a trunk is just simply not enough space, and quite frankly I just have no desire to ever own an SUV. In addition, I'm getting to that age where children may be coming very soon, so I'll also need a vehicle that can handle car seats and the very large amount of "stuff" that comes with taking your kids on trips. No, I don't want a mini-van either, see requirement #1.

3. Appearance.
- I have to look at my car every day, and be seen in it. I need to be able to look at it every day for years and still think, "that's a good looking vehicle". Not to mention, in America, your car is as much, if not more of, a statement about your personality than the clothes you wear. You've already got this nailed, the 2013 Fusion and Mondeo Wagon look absolutely fantastic. They look sporty and grown-up at the same time. As I get older, and as I take my career more and more seriously, this is exactly what I'm looking for in a car. Unfortunately, style-wise my current vehicle options tend to fall into one of two categories. The "hot hatch", which meets most of my requirements for a vehicle, but style-wise tend to scream "teenager / college student". Or, the "adult sedan", which lack the practicality of a hatch, tend to have safe boring styling, and are, more often than not, very boring to drive. Yes, there are exceptions, BMW and Mercedes come to mind, but these vehicles tend to be prohibitively expensive, and I'd really like to see what our American car companies can do in this area.

For me and many of my friends, the sport wagon is the perfect car. We're environmentally-conscious, we don't want big gas-guzzling SUV's, but we also don't want a slow boring hybrid. We're a generation that grew up with video games and the internet, we're constantly bombarded by media and entertainment, we want our things to be exciting. We're less reliant on our cars than previous generations, but we're active and busy. When we do drive, we need to be able to carry our friends and all of our "stuff". I hope that wagons are a trend we'll see more and more of in coming years.
Graham M 09/27/2012
Ford would gain back the respect of the gearhead community if they took the bold step to produce a resonably-priced, Fusion station wagon. This is something the younger, more eco-minded generation is asking for.
P.s- a stick shift option would be greatly appreciated.
Keith S 09/27/2012
Total agreement. Bring a Ford wagon to the U.S.A.!
Dan B 09/27/2012
Can't agree enough with this! Please make the Fusion Wagon a reality and show people that a wagon is just as useful as an SUV.
Jason D 09/27/2012
The Cadillac CTS-V wagon is highly desired, but financially out of reach. SHO engine with a manual trans please.
Dan N 09/27/2012
A wagon with leather seats would put this car at the top of my list
Billy S 09/27/2012
The Mondeo Wagon is a great looking car! I'd sure buy one over a similar Volvo or BMW. Just don't make the same mistake you made with the Focus wagon, i.e. no manual option. My 2000 Focus' major problem was the sluggish auto.
Michael A 09/27/2012
I'd love to see a new Fusion wagon. Please just make sure it's got some horsepower and it's AWD. Perhaps hook it up with the V6 ecoboost thats in the lincoln MKS.
Rob T 09/27/2012
Canada is missing station wagons. Bring the wagon here. Also, make manual transmissions and AWD available with all three engines! I'm glad there's at least one engine available with it, but not all three is a glaring oversight!
Ken Ellis 09/27/2012
Yes! Why should only Europeans get hot wagons? Build it, and they will buy it. And please, please, offer it with a manual!
Kevin 09/27/2012
I'd buy this in a flash if it had a manual transmission.
Dean K 09/27/2012
This is a great looking vehicle and would be even more fun if you were to offer the same V6 or high output 4 as what most are anticipating to see in the next Mustang. Don't forget the option for go fast stripes.
Marvin C 09/27/2012
It's time for Ford to offer a sporty, beautiful wagon in the USA! The majority of younger Americans in the 20-40 years old range are open to the prospect of wagons and hatchbacks in our great country.
Klay J 09/27/2012
I'll put a deposit down if you bring one to the US or a way to pay a premium and get one from the EU shipped over. The bigger the engine the better. Please give me a gorgeous option over a V70r, Dodge Magnum, or S40 Avant.
Omar B 09/27/2012
Love it, don't do what Acura did and bring the wagon and leave out the manual transmission.
Brian W 09/27/2012
Ford, please bring us a Fusion wagon with the 2.0L Ecoboost and All Wheel Drive. I'll take mine in red with an automatic transmission. I currently have a turbo Subaru Outback and this would be a great addition to my fleet. Thanks for listening!
Ken B 09/27/2012
taurus sho drivetrain with true manual tranny for st model or the hybrid drivetrain and i would buy
Bo T 09/26/2012
I already have a 2012 Ecoboost F150, and the next vehicle we purchase WILL be a wagon. I'd love for it to be a fast Ford!
Hugh O 09/26/2012
All for it! Time to bring back the wagons!
Brian W 09/26/2012
Finally, something with utility that looks great and (probably) drives great. Hate the SUV trend so much. MOAR WAGONS!
Jon S 09/26/2012
I would like a sexy sporty station wagon. I am tired of the big gas hogs. My Explorer got 15 mpg. Had to sell it. I bet a turbo diesel Fusion wagon would fill the bill nicely.
Kenneth R 09/26/2012
I would love to have one
Matt T 09/26/2012
Some sort of larger wagon would be nice. Personally, I'd opt for an American version of a Volvo Cross Country: Larger wagon-type with a fairly decently powerful engine, rugged body paneling, and all-wheel drive.
Ford, you guys have really come up in the world in the past few years. I'd love to see some truly great "driver's cars" out there.
Clay S 09/26/2012
Give us a fun wagon to drive - maybe a sport edition - 6-speeds, some ground effects, AWD. Give me a good reason not to get a European Sport Wagon.
Don R 09/26/2012
WAGON! Something with awd, and I would look at American cars again. Real drivers don't want SUV's.
Mike M 09/26/2012
I'm looking to replace my Outback 2.5XT limited--a 2.0 turbo AWD Fusion wagon (AT--sorry guys, I'm lazy in traffic) would be perfect! Subaru lost me as a customer when they made the new Outback a CUV and lost the turbo 4! However, without many wagon options (is it just Audi and BMW now?), I may just hold onto the 2.5XT. Don't lose out on a sale Ford, bring us the wagon!
Josh M 09/26/2012
Seriously. If the Fusion and the Mondeo are essentially the same car, there shouldn't be too many issues bringing it over. Even if it had to be some special order only deal, I'd rather pay extra for an AWD fusion wagon than buy someone elses brand. Plus it'd be exclusive, like a reverse-halo car. Do it.
Matthew S 09/26/2012
Fusion Wagon with a 2.0 Ecoboost and a manual transmission. Sadly I know this will NEVER happen.
Scooter 09/26/2012
Just imagine those folks buying up Jetta and Passat wagons actually looking at a Ford instead... make it happen.
Jim G 09/26/2012
I want a station wagon with some style, good handling, and enough room in the back to pull up to the dock at Home Depot. The Fusion wagon would be that car if you built it for the US market.
A M 09/26/2012
PLEASE! with a Nice quick turbo and a MANUAL trans.
dave s 09/26/2012
I had a mondeo wagon in the netherlands and it was great. I'm sure a lot of people here would want one too if they could buy one.
Andrew D 09/26/2012
Dear God, YES! I'm a competitive cyclist, and our option for eurowagons is dwindling to the point that even the bloated subaru wagons are looking as my only option. Honestly, I'd love an xc70, but they're so pricey :(
Myles O 09/26/2012
Any of the new powertrain packages moving the wagon would be welcome in North America!
Dave M 09/26/2012
I would buy a fusion wagon, totally.
A M 09/26/2012
Turbo Wagon with a manual trans and the power to run with and put down hot Audi wagons, you can do this. Dont screw this up. Detroit has a nasty habit of treating its stateside drives like morons, give us efficient powerful cars that useful and fun to drive and dont get rid of the manual!
Alan M 09/26/2012
If the only "wagons" available now in this price class are foreign, don't you think Ford should step up and offer a wagon they a) already produce b) already sell the sedan version of in the USA and c) could offer in pretty much any trim they can make and it would sell? Jetta, Outlander, Outback, Venza, TSX, A3, where's the Fusion, it BELONGS here.
Barry 09/26/2012
If Ford builds it (and sells it to the US), I will happily buy one.
Bob 09/26/2012
Tippy boring SUV's are old hat, but we need room. A wagon is the perfect solution.
darren w 09/26/2012
The new Fusion is gorgeous, and i can't wait to start seeing them on the road. A wagon option would be fantastic. I'd be happy with the 1.6 EcoBoost + manual transmission combination, but ANY wagon option would be better than none. A hybrid wagon would be pretty cool as well, with a bit more space than the C-Max.
Mario Stenhousen 09/26/2012
To whomever is listening...I need to replace my 2002 Audi S6 Avant (German for STATION WAGON) I was trolling the internet for something interesting and that's when at Jalopnik I saw my future car the Mondeo Wagon!!! BUILD IT AND YOU CAN HAVE MY MONEY!!!
Bruce P 09/26/2012
Liked my '92 SHO. Like my '04 Focus wagon. Would love a Fusion wagon (but I'd settle for a Focus ST wagon). C'mon, what's "One Ford" good for if you can't bring a few cool cars over from Europe.
Zack W 09/26/2012
Fight the Beigepocalypse! Save the Manuals! I love Justinn's idea of the manual 1.6 but don't stop there Ford, give us the 2.0 Ecoboost with a 6MT.
Greg 09/26/2012
We need some better wagon choices and we need them with 3 pedals! Love the idea of the 2.0 Turbo with a 6-speed and AWD.
Ben B 09/26/2012
I drove my uncle's mondeo wagon in Sweden last year and wished they would come to the US. I would LOVE to see this car in the states, and would happily trade my outback in for one.
Peter S 09/26/2012
PLEASE. Fusion wagon with AWD. I could care less about the trans, but would prefer a standard.
Nicholas H 09/26/2012
We would all love manual, AWD, and the biggest motor you can stuff into the engine bay. But like Justinn said, 1.6 Ecoboost with a manual and sport suspension would be almost as good. And certainly more affordable.
Nicholas M 09/26/2012
with the LED headlights too please!
Colin S 09/26/2012
There's a shortage of decent wagons in this country, twould be a pitty not to bring this.
Chris W 09/26/2012
Get this moving!
Marc M 09/26/2012
Nice wagons look and handle better than any of the silly crossovers. Get the Fusion Wagon rolling.
Charles J 09/26/2012
Gotta have a fusion wagon.
Lothar 09/26/2012
Wagon with AWD please.
Erick R 09/26/2012
Ford Fusion ST wagon I would Definitely buy, please give it a manual and please let it be awd to replace my audi a4 avant quattro. I've always loved ford and if you guys produced a car like this i'd have to buy it
Matthew G 09/26/2012
A vehicle doesn't need to be high volume in order to make money. e.g. Cadillac only needs to sell a handful of CTS-V wagons to break even.
Market a turbo, manual AWD Fusion wagon as an SVT niche product. Price it at a premium. Produce in limited quantities. Then replace with a sedan version the following year.
Joseph K 09/26/2012
2.0L with a 6-speed FWD would do it for me and my growing family. Don't need/want an SUV would rather sit closer to the ground and get better mileage on cheaper tires.
Darren C 09/26/2012
Would really find the idea of the new Fusion Wagon with the 1.6L or 2.0L Ecoboost engines appealing. The Mondeo Wagon is a very nice looking machine indeed. This would definitely differentiate the Fusion from your competition! Offer it in SE trim with a manual transmission and you will have a buyer right here.
Jonathan D 09/26/2012
Yes! I fully support bringing a Fusion wagon to the American market, and a manual transmission must be an option. I would definitely buy one as my next car!
Erik S 09/26/2012
Hell yes!!!! Give me a Fusion Wagon with AWD, 3.5L Ecoboost, and a 6 speed stick.... I'd rock that all day!
Samuel G 09/26/2012
It blows my mind how this has slipped under the radar. If not a wagon, at least a five door.
Joseph S 09/26/2012
LOVE IT! I'd like some American and relatively affordable to replace my Saab 95 wagon down the road!!
Sam F 09/26/2012
I'd seriously consider a Fusion Wagon for my next car. Especially if Ford offers more than the base engine. I'd love to see awd Fusions available with a manual transmission. Ecoboost + MT + awd= Great car for Colorado.
Joe S 09/26/2012
We need more wagons!

and please, if you do listen, dont bring it here with only automatic transmissions available. We love our sticks.

Seth S 09/26/2012
This is a great idea! Ford has zero station wagons for sale (hatchbacks are not the same as wagons). I need more space than my Focus hatchback can offer.
Jon F 09/26/2012
Would buy on launch if it was brought to the US. Wagon+EcoBoost+Manual Trans=all sorts of win
Patrick S 09/26/2012
The new Fusion is beautiful! Now make it a wagon, put in AWD, and a manual gear box. Then in 2 years when I'm looking for a replacement for my Subaru Impreza, I won't just look for another Subaru Impreza.
Sal T 09/26/2012
I regret that I have only one 'yes' vote to give. There's a decent number of us who want the practicality of a wagon without the bulk of a crossover/SUV/lumbering thing. I have been driving VW wagons for 10 years...because VW makes wagons, not out of loyalty to VW. A Fusion wagon would be da heezy.
eric s 09/26/2012
A nice turbo wagon may get me to trade in my Saab 9-5 Wagon.
c 09/26/2012
diesel + wagon + AWD +manual = I will buy it.
Matthew P 09/26/2012
Bring it Ford.

America really doesn't offer and affordable Wagons... Unless you like sales going to GM 9_9
eric 09/26/2012
lets have the wagon ST!
Duane K 09/26/2012
Leased five different Sable wagons when they were available and I loved them! Fusion wagon would be on my list in a heartbeat!
Mike K 09/26/2012
Great idea. An AWD Fusion Wagon would be a great replacement for my SUV.
Adam S 09/26/2012
WAGON. YES. Please.
Chris C 09/26/2012
No, really, this REALLY needs to happen. But don't make it impossible to configure an awesome car. Gimme the option for the big engine with the manual trans and I'll be happy.
Lee E 09/26/2012
Yes for wagons, always. Better fuel efficiency than a minivan or SUV, better handling, and much cooler. 14 year VW wagon owner here, and we'd love more alternatives.
igor 09/26/2012
1.6L with a stick for me please!
Rob T 09/26/2012
The only thing I would change about the Fusion line is making the manual available on all three engines. AWD too.

And these two additions in a wagon body style would make the Fusion a phenomenal car here in Canada, too.
Garrick M 09/26/2012
American made, AWD, manual, turbo charged wagon....I'm pretty sure this would be awesomeness in a class on 1.
Alex L 09/26/2012
Ford's new motto is "Go Further". I'd like to see the Euro Focus Wagon go further....all the way across the Atlantic! Bring it stateside!
Mike M 09/26/2012
Here's my checkbook. Seriously. Take my money!
Tom M 09/26/2012
Please build this wagon! Give it a manual transmission option, and a sport suspension option at the very least. An ST version would probably be too much to ask but please consider it. Remember, not everybody in the US enjoys driving giant hulking SUVs that handle like a Kenworth and get comparable MPGs. Keep this in mind, the guys that buy cars like the Focus ST and Mustang grow older and start families but that doesn't mean they lose their love for fun to drive cars.
adam 09/26/2012
All for the idea… add the manual transmission and I'll happily place my order.
BUT not signing up for a 'FordSocial' account - for what amounts to a dream Ford will never make a reality.
John B 09/26/2012
Make sure it has a 6sp....on that like white on rice.
Ian O. 09/26/2012
A wagon is the best way for all the worries about the consumption and manteinance of a suv or a crossover so bring it! and more manuals, not everyone lives in cities where there are endless traffic jams
Mike M 09/26/2012
I would trade in my G35 tomorrow if I could replace it with a Fusion Wagon ST (2.0L EcoBoost, 6MT, AWD)
Brian B 09/26/2012
Yes PLEASE to a Fusion Wagon and I would love to have a manual tranny option on the 2.0L EcoBoost.
Justin B 09/26/2012
Love this - think the new Fusion is sharp looking and would LOVE the wagon varient shown. Will be in the market for a new vehicle soon and wagons are at the top of my list. Would love to have a Ford option, especially one that combines great looks with performance options. Come on Ford, let's make wagons cool again!
Phil-T 09/26/2012
So love this wagon, cmon Ford-we will buy it!!!!
Steve K 09/26/2012
2.0T - AWD - Manual - Wagon

Everything I want - right there...
terry c 09/26/2012
MAKE IT A MANUAL !!!!!!!!!!!!
Elric N 09/26/2012
What Justinn said.
JAy L 09/26/2012
all I need is a manual and maybe 4wd DO IT DO IT
Sean M 09/26/2012
Make the station wagon in at least 2 trims, SE with 1.6L ECOBOOST and FWD and the 2.0L ECOBOOST with AWD. I already want to buy a TItanium with AWD, if FORD makes a wagon the Sedan will go to my wife and I will get the Wagon.
Kelly K 09/26/2012
Love this idea--I miss my Focus Wagon and with a family, this is my new perfect ride! Where do I sign?
Sterling V 09/26/2012
6 speed manual, RWD (or option to dial back FWD in an AWD car) and wagon would be great. Would pull from BMW 3 series wagon owners (and I'm one).
Hamal T 09/26/2012
This, with an appropriate sized Duratorq TDCi and AWD would earn you a substantial amount of Subaru and Volvo's customer base, along with typical Ford customers.
Jamie 09/26/2012
Love my Jetta Sportwagen TDI. Would love to see the a Fusion AWD wagon, especially with an ecoboost 4cyl. Flex and Explorer are too big for my city life and the c-max is not my style.
Patrick C 09/26/2012
Wagon for sure. Please! Not that I will be able to buy one because i need a new car sooner than never. It will have to get incredible gas mileage and have loads of torque to compete with the VW Jetta Sportwagen TDi which is practically the only common man wagon offered below $30k. Wagon, Diesel, it too much to ask?
J A 09/26/2012
A Fusion wagon would be perfect for my young family. I hate the idea of driving a tall, inefficient SUV just to get the space needed.
marl t 09/26/2012
Do it.
Todd R 09/26/2012
I've rented the 2012 Fusion and it was a great driver. Put a wagon body on it and I'd seriously consider buying one.
Victor P 09/26/2012
A ford fusion/mondeo wagon for the US market will fill a gap for many folks who want a dynamic car that is also great in utility. 2.0 ecoboost + AWD would replace my current Subaru Turbocharged wagon. Currently, the new 328i wagon is the only market alternative.
Shannon 09/26/2012
Make a fusion wagon!!!!! I will buy it!!!!
Tyler T 09/26/2012
My pants just got tight. Ecoboost please. AWD too.
Matthew D 09/26/2012
I'll buy a wagon way before I buy any CUV.
Ben H 09/26/2012
Wagons are the best, but give us a RWD option too! Whay is this so hard for manufacturers to understand? Wagon + RWD + Manual tranny + 2.0 Ecoboost + ability to dissable all "driving aids" = perfect car
Raj T 09/26/2012
a 37mpg wagon with a stick would be an awesome replacement for my mazda5
Victor L 09/26/2012
Love this idea. The US needs more hatches/wagons.
Jason S 09/26/2012
awd pleaseee!!
Christopher S 09/26/2012
I wouldn't mind a "ST" (SVO? SVT? SHO? WTFever) version of the sedan either...
Nathan 09/25/2012
With AWD, MT, and V6 options, please!
Robert C 09/25/2012
"Give me a 1.6 Ecoboost with manual tranny and sport package and I will put a deposit down tomorrow..."

I second this idea! Sign me up!
Justinn W 09/23/2012
Give me a 1.6 Ecoboost with manual tranny and sport package and I will put a deposit down tomorrow...
Brad B 09/22/2012
Hey Ford ! Another voice for the stationwagon. Grand C-Max, Mondeo Wagon, and Focus wagon. Ford had the name at one time .................. The Wagon Masters.
Steve 09/16/2012
I'm all for this idea!