Go Back To 1985

I remember in 1985 when a friend of mine owned a 1985 GT Turbo Mustang. That was possibly the baddest Mustang I have ever driven. I read later in a edition of 5.0 Magazine that it was the only full on race car released to the public. In this day and age I have been waiting for the comeback of these SVT 4cyl Turbos. Back then through the mid 90's they were well known as a very powerful machine. Great job with the new v-6 Mustang, and the new SHO, but, I've always hoped there would be a new GT Turbo in the future. I'm sure all the drifters and new age tuners would jump on it. The GT Turbo got great gas mileage back in '85. I can immagine what it could get know. Light weight, well balanced. It did dounuts that would snap your neck!
Thanks, Thomas
David C A 09/18/2010
I won't knock the idea outright, but the 1984-1986 1/2 Mustang SVO ultimately did not woo buyers. Don't get me wrong, I had a friend who had a Mustang SVO/Turbo four. It was a really impressive car.

Tuning the car does not really sell the car when it take thousands of additional dollars and hours to get the kind of power you are imagining out of the engine. Not everyone is a tuner nor wants to be. You still have to sell the car itself and in numbers able to sustain its production. The SVO failed in this because no one was wiling to pay such a premium, about $5K, for a Four cylinder pony car. Also mileage for the car was only on par with Today's 5.0 V8 or even the previous 4.6L V8, about 25-26mpg making only 175hp.

While I'm not entirely opposed to a new Turbo Four RWD car from Ford, I don't think the Mustang will be that car. Maybe a new FR Maverick or Escort. You can blame fans of the car , and the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. I don't think FORD is going to be willing to let their headline performance car look like it is following the Asian newcomer that can't seem to be even as good as anyone Hyundai says it's aimed at.