global ranger here!!

bring the new global ranger here or give dealers the option to import it themselves. or shrink the new f150. i choose to drive a smaller truck. i do not want a big huge wide tall truck. have fun parking those in tiny spaces. listen to the buyers here. the reason the ranger has sold like crap the last few years is because it was out of date for the last ten years. my mother wants one, so does my dad and my brother and my wife and myself. thats 5 sold in just my family but instead ur not goin to sell it here because ur stuck on the f150. its bloated.
Bring the new global Ranger here with the diesel and I'll buy the thing. A small diesel getting close to 30mpg would be the way to go.
Brian Barr 01/08/2012
I see you have a new Ranger in the UK as well. I think we are ready for it here as well. What do you think Ford?
Brian Barr 01/08/2012
Ford....your Ranger in the Australian market sure looks sharp! Why not make it available here in the US?
Brian Barr 01/08/2012
Let's get back to number one in the small pickup segment with a new Ranger! The powertrains are already here....but may seem some it's just a matter of chassis choice and body design. Or maybe just a tweak of an existing Ford product from other markets. What it comes down to is the fact that there is a market for a smaller Ford pickup than the F-Series. Shorter, narrower, more economical to operate, less expensive to purchase, etc. Come on Ford, YOU CAN DO IT for us...and for you!
Tom A. 12/01/2011
Agreed! Where is my 2.0L EcoBoost 4x4 Ranger?!? Ford only has themselves to blame for poor Ranger sales - haven't updated it in years, and the engines are old tech - weak and wasteful. The new 2.5L i-VCT GDI is decent, and the 2.0L EcoBoost would be a great powerful, fuel-efficient option (the 3.5L EcoBoost F150 is amazing, but way too big and expensive for my needs).