Give us the current Ranger that the rest of the world has!!!

By Adam V.

I want the 3.2l diesel and a 6 speed manual! I would literally do anything to have one of these trucks here in the US. I dont need a fullsize, I DO want a diesel, 4x4, manual pick-up. I love stick-shifts and drove one of the new model Ford Rangers in Afghanistan, while I was deployed there 2010-11. It was mind bogglingly capable and I have dreamed of owning one since! The engine in it will be here with US specs/emissions in the Transit, so why cant we have the rest of the package?? Please, please give us the Ranger!
Dennis Maki 01/20/2014
Comment on this IDEA!I have a 2002 Ranger and love this truck. I don't want a "full size" when it's time to replace. Bring the Ranger back. Make it a 4x4 OFF ROAD model (vs a "downtown" with the bells and whistles). I want a truckthat will get me off road, capable of towing/carrying medium sized loads, and basic options like: no power windows, AM/FM only, no backup cameras, no bells, no chrome grills, manual locks and door handles.Make me happy and bring this truck back!
Tom 01/17/2014
I own 2 fords. Will not buy another if no mid-size available.
Paula C 01/07/2014
I love my Ranger and would buy another one in a heart beat. Please bring it back. I don't want a full size truck, I live in the city and the smaller size is perfect, but still let's me be a truck girl. I was also in an accident in my Ranger and came out of it with only a bruise. I love the safety as well. I would love a new truck, but would only buy a Ranger!!
Aire B 01/01/2014
Bring back the Ranger. I've owned two of them and both great.....'97  2.3L auto, & '02 4.0L auto(club cab). There's a lot of us out here who don't want or need the big full sized F150(also a great truck), but would like the smaller sized more economical Ranger class vehicle.
Jon M 12/22/2013
Please please please bring back the Ford Ranger. Americans do not want big gas-guzzling trucks. We want a return to the small trucks that are about the size of a car, with good mileage, 2 seats, 4WD (2WD option), and a manual transmission, because automatics are just no fun to drive. The Ford Ranger was perfect. So was the Nissan Hardbody truck from the mid 90s. Please bring back designs like this.
Jon M 12/19/2013
I have a '94 Ranger stepside with 145,000 miles on it. I don't need a full-size truck either. A diesel 6 speed would be just the ticket. By the way, when I announced that you had discontinued the Ranger, my 14 year old daughter was furious! Just so you know.
bill l 12/14/2013
ford needs to bring out the ranger replacement.been waitin several years now. whats the problem.drivin a 01 ranger with 170,000 miles on it and would like to trade it on a new ranger if it ever hits the dealer lot.the f150 is and always has been cool,but not all of us want or need a full size truck.come on ford give us the ranger replacement.
John C 12/14/2013
The demand for this type of vehicle in the US has been grossly underestimated because there hasn't been enough development in the available products over the past decade to spur the demand. If automakers spent a fraction of the effort in this segment as they have in 1/2 tons or heavier, they would have trouble manufacturing enough to keep up with demand.