Give me some Eco with my Ecoboost!!!

By Greg S.

Alright, give us a Eco button on the dash of Ecoboost vehicles!  When the button is activated the pcm would allow operation at no or low boost during part throttle operations...Something to the tune of Vaccum to 2 psi until you get past 70% throttle.  My wife and I have a 2012 3.5 Ecoboost Flex it does great on the highway averaging 25 mpg + at 72 to 75, but around town its difficult to top 15 mpg and keep up with the flwo of traffic.  I can get it up to 18+ by keeping it off the turbos, but the darn turbos are so small its dificult to not operate under boost.  That is the big reason I haven't purchased a F150 with the Ecoboost.  There are times I don't need to lay down black stripes on the payvement.  Giveing us the button woudl allow us to choose when we really want economy, while still giving us the power under full throttle if we need it.