Getrag 6 speed

There's still time before fall 2012 to offer a manual in the new Fusion. A Getrag 6 speed is currently used on the MINI and,I believe, an off the shelf unit the same as used on the older Focus SVT. The footwell work can't be that difficult and my only thought would be availability of the trans in serious numbers. Match the tranny to the 1600 ECOBOOST and or the 2000 ECOBOOST. I believe you will sell 30 to 40% more Fusions if this tranny was available. Maybe even charge a little extra. I have the tranny in my MINI and it's the BEST manual out there. Thanks.
Christopher K 03/23/2012
I agree with you, but FORGET IT. Ford is only interested in making cars with autmomatics...why not, they make more money on them. Honestly, Ford makes what they want to sell, not what you want to buy.