Get rid of the Intruding consoles

By Mark F.

I recently attended the 2014 Motor Trend Car show. I like the looks and concept of many of the new Ford products. I have sat in every new vehicle you offer. I have one issue that I noted with every vehicle. The console intrudes on my knee space and is very uncomfotable especially for men. When the boys are crowded they are not happy. Even in a vehicle the size of the F150 the console rides my knee and irritates the boys. do you have real men test these vehicles? How could they overlook something soo obvious? It seems the overbearing consoles are the trend in all the new vehicles. Ford should take the lead and offer at least the option of eliminating the console. I have a 2011 F150 with the bench type seat and it is the only way i can buy one. Love the new Taurus but the console is in the way, same with the Fusion, same with all the Lincoln's. The console got to go if you want to move Fords off the sale floor!! These vehicles appear to be built to appeal to women. If you want men to buy them you need to give the boys room to be free.
Alex O 06/14/2014
I completely agree! Ford's are getting too cramped and crowded in the inside these days. With cars getting smaller, and dashes/consoles being packed with more and more technology and computers there's just no breathing room in Ford's anymore. A sever lack of comfort. The Taurus is the worst. It's a joke of a Full Size Flagship Sedan. Really unfortunate too because it's an all around gorgeous car with good engine choices. Just no comfort at all. This problem is even worse on the Lincoln side of FoMoCo. Especially considering there isn't a Panther platform Town Car anymore. The mks offers no additional space or comfort when compared to the cheaper Taurus. Ford has a lot of work to be done in the "interior" department.
Gretchen Eibey 05/16/2014
I agree whole heartedly that the console is too big and does not need to take up all the room between the front seats. I would love a place to put my purse or a small sack or whatever. if I have a passenger with me its a pain in the neck to have to stick my purse under the seat or balance it on the console. Thank you