gearbox and upgrade editions

i own a 2000 AU onetonne and i am shattered it is only a five speed ford should make more 6 speed manuals as a standard feature option in most of their cars and we should also be givin the option of dual axel and a longer wheelbase with a larger tray to lift the weight ratings of our work vehicle range also tray tops should have an option to come stock with full racks and the other features i mentioned ty and i hope to see these available in the future ford plz get back to me and let me know what u think of my ideas
Christopher K 03/29/2012
Kevin - I don't know where you're writing from, but count yourself lucky to be even able to GET a standard transmission IN ANY FORM. When it comes to their trucks, Ford has made a decision to ram an automatic down everyone's throat, at least in the US market. Really? REALLY? It's a decision on their part that made me completely abandon the brand.

Their response was "well, no one every buys them". Of course no one buys that WHEN YOU CAN'T GET THEM. Sorry, Ford, but having to custom order a stick and wait 6 weeks is NOT "having them available". Now we don't even have that option.