Gauge mode parameters

By Pat H.

The gauge mode display on my 2013 f350 is apparently designed to present important information, to the driver, about things happening in the engine and drive train. Currently gas engines have a single parameter displayed..." Trans Temp". There should be a method to select the parameters desired by the driver. For instance Battery voltage, or alternator current, or engine oil temp and pressure, engine percent load etc. There are many parameters available in the vehicle computer that would prove helpful to the driver. There should be a method to select and display them. The current display space available would allow up to ten parameters.
Walt C 09/01/2014
Ditto all of the above.
Paul L 07/07/2013
I agree. there are so many options displayable in the instrument cluster, but only an idiot light for battery. How about voltage/amperage?
Tom M 03/10/2013
It would be great if there was an indicator to let Ecoboost owners know when the turbo is/is not active. Thus, they could have feedback that helps them get good fuel economy by only activating the turbo when they want power over economy.
joaquin r 01/14/2013
Please do this. There are so many sensors on the trcuk...would be nice to know all the data we could. Volts/Amps off of alternator, coolant temp, air/fuel/spark mixture readings, engine performance...etc. Please allow us to have these read out in the gauges app. Please do this as a flash on existing trucks not just future releases trucks with 6.2L.
Eric C 01/12/2013
My 2011 F-250 Lariat with 6.2L gas engine does not have a battery voltage guage like the 6.7L diesel counterpart has, for me this would be a great addition to the guage parameters, so that I can always check my battery voltage, this is a must for those that have plows and other battery draining equipment installed in their trucks!
Bob G 01/12/2013
sorry, I am stuck with my 02 F-350 not providing any message center.
joaquin r 01/11/2013
If this is to be a successful endeavor, Ford should supply all the readings it can produce to the LCD so we, as a target group or beta testers, can pick the ones we think are the best. I am with the poster...the more the better. I want to know everything...mostly cause I am the target audience, a man!!