G T F-150

By Jon W.

I purchased an 06 xl F-150 new, Bare Bones 2wd Pickup. I then Customized this truck as a Spin-off of the Mustang GT. Badged, Striped, Grille lights, Etc, etc.. I'd like to see ford do the same, A Factory gt model pickup such as mine. alot of ppl ask where i bought this truck. They really want to Buy one! It's an Awesome Truck!.. Come on Ford, You build this and they WILL buy it!!!!!!
David G 09/28/2012
I don't work for Ford, but many of your ideas are in Ford's Racing & Performance catalog.

As much as like your idea , I think ford would probably be afraid it would take away from Raptor sales (F150 based)
Great Idea! I would also like to see a smaller model again(F100?)