Fusion Sport or ST

You should bring back the Fusion Sport. Give it little bit stiffer springs with a slightly lower ride height and thicker swaybars. 19" rims similiar to the Focus ST with better tires. Upgrade the brakes as well. Use the new 285hp Ecoboost with either FWD or AWD using the 6-speed auto with paddle shifters. With the AWD model you could apply your torque vectoring to the rear wheels to help the rear and rotate eaisier to cut down on understeer. Upgrade the exterior with a subtle body kit with a lip spoiler and dual round exhaust tips. Interior should be  blackleather with cloth or suede insert in the middle to hold you in place and either red or blue contrasting stitching. Also choice of either faux carbon fiber or aluminum trim.
Bob H 08/28/2014
The 2.3 fwd and the 2.7 awd.  Keep the final drive ratio near 3 for good mileage.  2.7 in the Mustang as well. 
Nick G 06/04/2014
I could get behind this. :)#FusionSTMovement?
Kelly R 05/23/2014
I really think they should look at using the 2.3 liter from the 15 Mustang tuned to about 300-305 hp.