Fusion SHO

How about a Fusion SHO. It would be the fastest performance sedan on the market. CTS, ATS, BMW, etc could not compete!
Monroe W 10/18/2012
It is odd that you can't get the 2.0 Eco Boost on a 2013 Fusion with a manual transmission, if you want one. The paddle shifters on the automatic are nice, but not a true manual transmission. Try again!
Daniel C 04/08/2012
Sounds like a fantastic idea!!!
Michael R 03/25/2012
As an owner of 89 and 91 SHOs, I agree wholeheartedly! The Taurus platform is too tall and heavy to be a proper SHO. However, it must be available with a 3-pedal manual to earn my money.
Bob Johann 02/19/2012
I have owned an SVT Contour since 1999, and have been waiting for Ford's next version of it. A new SVT Fusion with an actual manual transmission and 3 pedals would be a wonderful thing.
Robert Plante 02/07/2012
As a '94 SHO MTX owner (and previously a '95 SHO ATX that I ran to 333K), I was surprised that Ford re-introduced the SHO in 2010 built on the Five Hundred platform (re-branded as Taurus) instead of the smaller Fusion patform. Gen 1, 2, and 3 SHOs were always a mid size car taking advantage of a lighter frame. I feel the Gen 4 SHO is more like the larger Maurader line rather than the original Taurus SHO brand.
Jeff Lacina 01/27/2012
I agree with Mark: a "Sport" package with a manual transaxle and EcoBoost engine = home run!
Calvin Englehart 01/26/2012
Sounds like a super idea.
Open Ans 01/26/2012
Mark Smith 01/25/2012
Just offer the "Sport" with a manual, and I am good.