Fusion EV mode

By Jim M.

Like the Energi, have the option/switch/button on the Fusion Hybrid to be in pure EV mode (for as long as the car will go on battery.....10-12 miles...short trip) before having to switch to traditional hybrid mode. Demonstrating already it can, the Fusion Hybrid starts in pure EV when leaving home as a recognized EV+ spot but shortly afterwards switches to gas due to "cold engine" even when it is a sunny 73 outside...which makes no sense. Hybrid should also be able to charge the battery fully/100% rather than trying to hold it to about 50% of its capacity like the owner videos say the Hybrid does. Energi should only be different such that you can charge by AC and has a larger high capacity battery.
Rick N 07/20/2013
How can you charge a battery that is running a large motor at the same time?....U-boats would never have had to surface. Ring...Ring..it's for you..reality calling.
Jim A 07/15/2013
Sounds like a great idea.
Jim A 07/15/2013
This idea sounds like a good one to me.