By Karl W.

If they made a fusion in a coupe, I would buy one.  Hardly any of the vehicles come in a coupe or have an option for a stick shift (5 or 6 speed).  Also need less options (i.e. on star and the like) to keep weight down less weight means better gas mileage and better performance.  
Scott B 08/30/2013
Honda seems to have continually found a market for Civic and Accord coupes, so I agree, Ford needs to throw them a little competition. This car could even a Thunderbird or a Cougar, it just needs to be priced realistically like the Fusion.
Mark S 08/18/2013
Great idea,I had said 2 door Fusion but making one with a 5 or 6 speed would be just what I would buy.Not with a 6 or 8 just a peppy 4 cyl.