Fusion AWD with V-6 and a manual transmission

The Ford fusion is a great car, I drove one at the Phoenix Drive 05 when it first came out. I also worked at a Ford dealer for some time and was exposed to many of them. I would seriously consider buying one if It was available with AWD, V-6 or turbocharged 4, with a standard transmission. I'm sorry, but I just don't like automatic transmissions. An all wheel drive V-6 fusion with a 5 speed transmission would be a blast to drive and compete better with the European cars in its class, Audi, bmw, etc.
dave 03/29/2013
I had a 2008 BMW 335xi with 6 speed manual and twin turbo. Best car I ever owned. In dry weather, had phenominal handling due to low profile wheels/tires. AWD was great in rain and kept wheels from spinning during hard acceleration. Biggest disappointment was in snow. All 4 wheels spin under slight acceleration. it was like I was driving my 1990 mustang GT 5 spd all over again.
Dave P 11/28/2012
i love everything about the new fusion, except for the fact that it's not available with a stick. my ideal next car would be a midsize or full-size sedan, with a decently peppy engine, all wheel drive and a manual transmission. i'm sure ford europe is going to sell the 2013 mondeo with this setup, and the euro-market mondeo is almost the exact same car as the US-market fusion, so we should be able to at least special order the car this way.
Al S 01/31/2012
I have a 2011 Ford Fusion with 4 cylinder & a 6-speed (appearance package with the sport suspension -- love the car. I was hoping the the new Euro look Fusion for 2012 would come out with an added turbo & awd option. To my dismay they discontinued the manual trans all together. It looks like Ford is forcing my to buy an Audi A4 (4 cyl, turbo with quattro).

- Another disappointed Ford owner
Thomas 01/23/2012
Seriously..u give me AWD with Manual Transmissionand you'll see me lined up at the dealership as soon as its released.

Ford's been upping their game ever since the recession..doing something like this would give them a boost within the manual tranny community..

Ford FTW!
Christopher Kirk 01/22/2012
THANK YOU!!!!! for confirming that I'm not the only one out there who wants a stick. I'm a long time for TRUCK buyer, and Ford dropped any type of manual from it's truck line, and sadly, with it, me as a consumer. I WANT to buy an American made vehicle, and have always like Ford's styling, but I will only do so when I can get the drivetrain I want.
aag 01/11/2012
If Ford would offer a Fusion with AWD, V-6 (or better, an adequate powered 4 cylinder turbo) and manual transmission, I would hands down buy the car. Please Ford, give me that option!
I agree with this idea.
Some Guy 12/31/2011
I also prefer manual transmissions. I can't fathom paying extra for an automatic. If given the choice between a car with AWD & manual, would folks choose V-6 or a turbo-4? I think I'd go with the turbo-4 for lighter weight and better fuel economy.
Tom Donaldson 12/30/2011
I recently drove my friends Ford CMAX in Germany, it had the 180 hp turbo 1.6 L engine manual transmission. It is a great performing, much better than the new 2012 Focus given us, with the 2.0L engine. I hope you offer this turbo 1.6 here, if you do, I'll buy it.
Joe Mioduszewski 12/19/2011
My 2010 Fusion was the SE with 4 cylinder and 6-speed manual. It was a very satisfying powertrain. I was pleased to read the Motor Trend Car of the Year article in 2020 when the editors said that package was one of their favorites. When I ordered my 2012 Focus, I got it with the 5-speed manual, SE, sport package...again, a very nice package. But I was dismayed to find out Ford had discontinued the 6-speed manual in the Fusion. I understand you have to simplify the production process, but maybe you should explore the option of charging for the manual trans to compensate. I'd pay a few hundred bucks to drive a stick. I hope you return the manual in 2013.
Brad Krekelberg 12/13/2011
Americans want manuals!
Derek English 12/12/2011
Great Point!!!! I have been feeling the same thing for some time now. My dream car would be a fusion with the mustang dirveline. but in reality just giving the manual trans to the existing powertrain is the most logical step in the right direction.