Fusion 2013 Turbo hybrid

By Gary S.

I would like the new fusion 2013 to have the option to add turbo to the brand new engine: Available plug-in hybrid electric 2.0L I-4 Atkinson-cycle engine. Coupled with electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (eCVT) and high-voltage electric motor. Finally, this would boost horsepower throughput while keeping the miles per gallon the same.
Donald B 02/22/2013
the original press releases had a turbo option for the 2.0l awd electric in 2011 but they either dropped it or ran into issues with, been waiting for this "modernised DSM talon eclipse laser" to finally come out, 2 years later still waiting...
Juston P 05/06/2012
Jason, were saying we want real performance and economy... Ford is making so many turbos these days the upgrade should be available as an affordable option for the non 65yr old public who also like the Hybrids if they had pedal power when you desired...
gary s 04/23/2012
I'm ok if this investment pays off in the long run. In essence, cutting my fuel cost and saving the environment and world in one unit seems to make since.
Jason A 04/20/2012
So you're OK with paying $45,000 for a Fusion then?