Front wheel drive truck

The utility of a truck has changed since the days of using them on a farm to haul beans across a field and down the road. So many trucks are bought and used by people that don't tow anything over 1500-2000lbs, or haul anything super heavy, but they live in areas that get snow and ice. It would seem to me, there would be a market for a light truck, that was front wheel drive, that could haul a fridge, or washer/drier or some plywood, or tow a small utility trailer, and have the snow capability of a front wheel drive car. People might opt for a FWD truck if they knew they could safely drive it all year round without buying sand, or blocks and spinning out in the snow, and still be able to bring something home from the hardware/lumber store. Also, most older men cant fold down to sit in a sedan, or the seats are too soft, so they buy a truck, but never use it as a truck. PLUS, the gas mileage would probably be better, and more women might buy a truck knowing that it would drive like a front wheel drive car in the winter. I'm not doubting the winter driving skills of women, just going on family history, and their preference for front wheel drive cars, or wanting to drive the whole winter in 4x4 when it isn't needed. Which might I add, adds to the cost of the truck/suv, and the amount of gas used.
JRS 04/23/2013
A normal 1/2 ton pickup BUT with front wheel drive. Take the bed off and replace it with a custom built "cabin" or box specifically built for the disabled. A lift for a power wheel chair with user. A "docking" device to secure the power chair. Possibly an intercom to communicate with the driver or passenger. If and when you no longer need the "box" simply remove and replace with the original bed. The reason for two wheel drive? IF you want a rear entrance ramp, there would be plenty of room without a "pumpkin" in your way.
Bill W 01/03/2012
This would work if it had an adjustable rear suspension. It would be very light in the rear. Anti-lock brakes and an air spring suspension makes it feasible today.
Bill W